Become a "Trained" Leader

Scouting is a Training culture.
We expect leaders to become "Trained",
and continue training throughout their Scouting career.

Scouts deserve a "Trained" leader

The leaders of Pine Tree Council wish for all Scouts to receive an awesome Scouting experience, and we feel Training is one of the essential driving factors in making that happen.

Training factors in to your Unit's Journey to Excellence performance. We've found Units with Trained leaders are higher-performing and experience less drama. Trained leaders are more aware of available resources, experience less administrative overhead, and deliver a higher-quality program.

Get Trained.

Training starts with Youth Protection

Nothing is more important than the safety of our youth. Through the Scouter Code of Conduct we commit ourselves to making the protection of youth a personal priority.

All leaders begin with Youth Protection training, even before they turn in their application. Youth Protection training is available online, even without a member ID, at

The National standard is once-per-two-years Youth Protection training refresh. Pine Tree Council requires annual refresh of training -- if your Unit is rechartering by December 31th, 2017 we will look for your Unit leaders to have a 2017 Youth Protection training delivery date (and a 2019 expiry date).

"Trained" leader requirements

Training requirements are role-specific. See BSA's Trained Leader Requirements for the specific list of courses you need to complete to become "Trained".

For most roles, training consists of Youth Protection plus one role-specific course which can be completed on-line or in-person. Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters will also require an in-person outdoor training course, ITOLS.

Where do I obtain training?

Most training courses are available online on-demand and in-person several times per year. See the course schedule for more information.

Register Now for in-person training.

If I take training online, what do I miss?

Pine Tree Council wishes for all registered leaders to become Trained in their role. We recognize that not every leader will have training needs which align to our scheduled training opportunities. Please become Trained, using online courses as needed.

Leaders taking online training should recognize that they are missing some of the experience delivered when courses are attended in-person. We provide this guidance to help you close the gap:

  • Our trainers typically provide localized expertise and Pine Tree Council-specific details. PTC's Leader Resources site is intended to make this information available to you.
  • There is always someone available to answer your questions. Please contact your District Training Chair or the Commissioner Team to assist with questions.
  • It's important to have opportunity to meet and learn from other local leaders. Your monthly District Roundtable and the annual University of Scouting provide great opportunity for fellowship and learning.


As you attend Roundtable and other Scouting events frequented by leaders, you will see many uniforms with knots sewn above the left pocket. Among these are knots earned for training and tenure. Please obtain the progress record card for your position:

To earn the Scouter's Training Award:

To earn the Scouter's Key:

Leaders serving at the District and Council level may contact the Commissioner Team to obtain the progress record card for their role.

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